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International Shifting Process

Gati International Packers & Movers follows a standard and flexible approach to achieve the customer satisfaction in the packaging and shifting process according to the needs of the customers. Typically, this involves a break down or step wise approach as follows below.

  1. Contact Us.
  2. Volume of Packing and Shipping.
  3. Destination details and mode of shipment (By Air or Sea etc.,) .
  4. Send a quotation.
  5. Accepting the quotation and confirmation of Shipping.
  6. Packing of Articles.
  7. Documentation Process (Photocopy of Passport,Visa, and Air Ticket, Baggage Declaration form signed by relocated party (7 copies), Custom Papers signed by relocated party (2 copies) and other additional documents related with country).
  8. Shipment to Origin port or Warehouse.
  9. Submitting documents for custom clearance.
  10. Container stuffing, fumigation, ISPM wood ttamping (if required).
  11. For U.S. shipment, Import Security Filing (ISF) to be done, 3 days prior to the sailing of shipment.
  12. Shipment tracking
  13. Shipment arrival at destination port
  14. Custom clearance at destination port
  15. Delivery at residence
  16. Unpacking the packed articles.
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